We have created this page to answer the most frequently asked questions, regarding weddings here on Rhodes.

1. If we book Avalon for our wedding do you do our wedding, do you use other photographers?
No, if you book Avalon you get us, we do not farm out work to other photographers, the samples you see on our site is by us.
* Please be aware that other photographers that take more than one booking per day will farm out work, so make sure the portfolio you have seen is by the photographer that will be capturing your big day!

2. We have booked through a tour operator, Can we still book you?
Yes, we work along side any tour operator or private company, after all its your day, you decide.

3. The wedding company we are using wont confirm our time for the wedding until we arrive in resort, is this a problem?
No, we work on a first come first served basis and so if you book a day its yours.

4. Do we meet before the wedding day?
Of course, we arrange an appointment to come meet you personnally at the time of the booking. The appointment is arranged so that we come meet you at your hotel 1 or 2 days after you have arrived in resort.

5. We chose a package months ago when we booked but now want to change it, is this possible?
Yes of course nothing is set in stone, the only definate information we need is whether you require a ceremony only package or a VIP package, so we can sort out timings for the day.

6. How many pictures do you take and do you take natural shots?
On the day we take unlimited photographs and yes if we see those classic candid moments arise we snap away because we also believe that natural photos are sometimes the best!

7. Do we get all the photographs and are they high resolution and copyright free?
Yes you get all the images on a USB flash drive for fast easy sharing and they are at best resolution and copyright free so you can get large poster sized prints if you want.

8. I have a tattoo and I dont want it in my wedding pictures can you hide it?
Yes, every image we take is looked at and tattoos can be removed if requested for a small additional fee depending on complexity.

9. We are leaving resort only a few days after the wedding, will everything be ready?
Yes, whatever the circumstance we will have everything ready and will personally deliver it to you.

10. I am having a VIP option but dont require the pre wedding as I think I will find it to hectic, can I add this time onto the champagne cruise/reception?
Yes, its no bother for us what ever you prefer just give us notice when we have our pre wedding meet.